Waste Management

Professional Waste Management

Waste Management

Everything biodegradable turns into grey water and is sent straight to the drain, using existing services and saving you the hassle of dealing with solid food waste. There is less need to store food waste, reducing odour and vermin problems, whilst improving space.

Easy, on-site food waste solution

● No solids to manage; no compost to monitor
● Food waste digested to grey water

Sustainable & affordable food waste solution…

Less food waste to transport and no residual waste products to manage take vehicles off the road and improve an operation’s overall carbon footprint. Fewer collections save money and are good for the environment. It’s a clean, on-site solution that doesn’t require dedicated staff to carry food waste through the kitchen to the bin area – improving hygiene and saving money.

● Less food waste to landfill
● Fewer trucks on the road
● Labour & money saving. Eco-friendly & responsible…

Waste20TM reclaims water from food waste – approximately 70% of food waste is water which can be safely returned to the water treatment plants, meaning the water is not lost to landfill or incineration. Manufactured in Milton Keynes, all components are sourced locally; ensuring the supply chain is short and quickly available, delivering the additional benefit of Waste20TM having a low carbon footprint.

● Water from food waste totally reclaimed
● Manufactured locally to improve supply chain & reduce carbon footprint
● Food waste separation encourages better waste stream management & recycling
● Uses existing drain infrastructure, taking lorries off the road
● Green, environmentally-sound solution

Telephone Chris on 01642 677717 for details and prices of various models available